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18 Years of Dedication to Wild Fish - Thank You!

Dave Crabb retires after 18 years of service to WFC.

David2If you have visited the WFC office in Duvall at any time in the last eighteen years, you might have been fortunate enough to run across a man loading a truck and heading into the field.  This guy most likely would have had a big smile on his face as he went out to plant trees, yank culverts, water type streams, pull beach seines, whatever – if it was habitat restoration or fish research, no matter, Dave Crabb was getting it done.

Dave started with WFC in 1994 as part of the “Jobs for the Environment (JFE),” a program that helped put displaced timber workers to work restoring fish habitat.  Is that why he is probably the best tree-planter WFC ever had (he’s planted thousands)?  Maybe – but he also has a Master’s degree in geography!  That explains why he is very adept at reading the landscape.  No matter the job, though, whatever needed to get done Dave did it -- without complaint. 

When Dave started at WFC, the entire organization consisted of a secretary, Kurt, and six JFE workers, and he leaves when the organization is much larger.  During that time Dave helped on

  • road decommissioning,David Crabb 3
  • fencing and riparian planting,
  • water typing hundreds of miles across western Washington,
  • lake typing,
  • culvert assessments and replacements,
  • habitat surveys,
  • pre-spawn mortality surveys,
  • spawning surveys,
  • engineered log jam placement and monitoring,
  • steelhead DNA sampling,
  • nutrient studies,
  • nearshore studies, and
  • “last fish” studies.

David Crabb 2

Wild Fish Conservancy’s second-most senior employee retired in January.  Thank you, Dave!  You are a great friend to wild fish and a great friend of ours.  We wish you a most enjoyable retirement!     

And we will miss your smile.  

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