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Environmental Discovery- Hands-On Learning

Oxbow 1In October 2010, Wild Fish Conservancy wrapped up its eighth year of leading Environmental Discovery Program (EDP) fieldtrips at Oxbow Farm in Carnation.  Fall is always a busy time at the farm but this year Oxbow hosted more students than ever before.  Earlier this year, our friends at Oxbow established themselves as a non-profit called Oxbow Center for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment and now, they too, are bringing students out in the field for seasonal classes on organic agriculture and environmental conservation.

We’ve been working together to streamline and coordinate our education programs in an effort to serve as many schools and students as possible. For now, WFC will continue to focus on teaching elementary school students about fish, healthy ecosystems, and the importance of conservation.  

Oxbow 2Three of the classes that participated in the EDP this fall came from a local elementary school that has been with us since the beginning. Every year, they bring all of their fourth graders on a fieldtrip to learn about salmon, native plants, and the Snoqualmie River. The lessons and fieldtrip are a preview to the ‘Land and Water’ science unit they study later in the spring and one of the teachers, Mrs. Olson, says  these “opportunities allow students to connect the classroom learning to the real life of the outdoors, and to discover the environment of the valley and the many wonders of nature.”

On the day of their fieldtrip, Mrs. Olson’s class stepped off the bus with cameras in hand and they busily started taking photos to document what they were learning.  Back at school, they edited their photos and added narration to tell a story about their own Oxbow Adventure.  A few of those kids shared their stories with us.  Take a look!



Many thanks to Mrs. Olson and her students for sharing their videos!  We’d also like to acknowledge the many people that help keep these education programs going. Thanks to our funders, to our partners, to Oxbow Center for welcoming us back year after year, and to the amazing volunteers, teachers, and parents who make these fieldtrips possible.

For more information about any of WFC’s education activities, visit our Education page or contact Education Coordinator Casey Ralston.

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