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Puget Sound Nearshore Study Volunteers: Thanks for a Great Season

Hood Canal 3We recently wrapped up year-1 of Wild Fish Conservancy’s nearshore juvenile fish use assessment of Hood Canal, Admiralty Inlet, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca which began in January. This study is serving to investigate current nearshore habitat use by juvenile salmonids within the study region, and to help inform the recovery strategy and project selection process for this genetically distinct population of chum salmon which was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in the late 1990s. Throughout the five-month duration of the year-1 study, WFC staff biologists and volunteers sampled nearly 50 sites on a weekly basis utilizing beach seines and fyke nets to document use of various nearshore habitats by these threatened fish.


Volunteers played a vital role in the first year of this important study. Because of them, we had a successful and productive field season. These dedicated volunteers remained persistent and positive throughout various winter storms. Hauling nets, assisting in juvenile fish ID, and gathering non-lethal fin clips for genetic analysis, volunteers enabled WFC staff to secure the data required for this difficult analysis of nearshore juvenile fish use. A huge thanks to the following individuals who gave their time to this project and helped further wild fish recovery efforts here in the Northwest:

  • Noah Levine
  • Colton Weaver
  • Allison Bachner
  • Chris Rice
  • Anne Belson
  • Kristen Slodysko
  • Dylan Glaser
  • Chris Collins-Larsen
  • Greg Smart
  • Graham Redman
  • Joe Verrelli
  • Julie Fix
  • Katie Conroy
  • Carolyn Woods
  • Alexa Peden
  • Pat Miller

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