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Unmapped Creeks Go Unprotected | Ghost Streams

WFC's water typing efforts in North Kitsap county are highlighted in the North Kitsap Herald. The continuing series about water typing is called Ghost Streams. Check out part one, Unmapped Creeks Go Unprotected. Here are a couple paragraphs from the article:

Water typing maps — created by the state Department of Natural Resources and relied on by most local governments for safeguarding stream habitat — are widely inaccurate and incomplete. A creek mapped in the wrong place or missed entirely may not receive the development buffers and protections it should under state law. By the same token, a non-existent stream erroneously marked as “fish bearing” can be a headache for property owners.

The Fish Conservancy is in its second year surveying streams in North Kitsap with grants from the state Salmon Recovery Board. The teams check the Natural Resources water typing maps for accuracy, while gathering stream and habitat data that can inform restoration work. Their findings are startling. One survey of Cowling Creek, north of Suquamish, found that Natural Resources maps missed 66 percent of the watershed, including four miles of fish-bearing streams.

Read part two of the series in the Aug. 12 edition.

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