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Volunteers Needed: Columbia River Pound Net

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As part of WDFW's commercial selective gear implementation program, WFC will be testing Washington State's first pound net fish trap in over 85 years on the Columbia River. The goal of the study is to determine the effectiveness of pound nets in selectively harvesting hatchery salmon and releasing non-targeted wild salmonids unharmed.
If successful, this historically effective commercial gear-type may reduce hatchery-wild genetic introgression, increase wild salmon escapement to natal spawning grounds, and provide a sustainable future for local fishing communities.

Volunteers will assist WFC, WDFW, and local commercial fishers in operating the pound net throughout the 30 day test fishing period. Daily tasks involve deploying trap nets, hauling in captured fishes, gathering environmental and biological data, and maintaining trap and vessel upkeep. Volunteers are encouraged to stay on the water overnight for multiple days aboard WFC's work vessel. Food, water, and lodging will be provided by WFC.

Timing: 8/25/16 - 10/1/16

Physical requirements: Volunteers should be physically fit and able to lift heavy nets and objects on site. Volunteers should be able to cope with long days working on the water. Maritime experience is preferred.

Contact: Adrian Tuohy ([email protected]; 253-709-9364), Aaron Jorgenson ([email protected])

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