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Volunteers Still Needed for Grays Harbor Juvenile Salmon/Fish Community Study

Juvenile Salmon/Fish Community Study in Grays Harbor

Grays Harbor 1Salmon need your help! Get involved with one our newest projects. We will be sampling the fish community of the tidal waters of the Grays Harbor estuary using two sizes of beach seines (for channel margins and beaches) and fyke nets (for tidal sloughs and small creeks).  The primary goal of the project is to determine habitat usage by juvenile salmonids so that Grays Harbor County can prioritize their habitat restoration projects in a manner that is most beneficial for salmon recovery.  The project runs from early March through the end of September.  In the spring, we will generally work Monday – Thursday (though this may shift depending on weather and tides); during the summer, as the amount of daylight increases, we will likely shift to 8 days on/ 7 days off so that we can take advantage of the best tide series.  This means we will be sampling over some weekends, increasing the opportunity for volunteers who are unavailable from Monday – Thursday to assist with the project.  We do not expect that you will participate for the whole study, or even for 8 days in a row - any days you can help are appreciated, particularly in the spring (pre-June).  Sampling days are usually about 8 hours long (again depending on weather and tides), and may begin early in the morning if necessary to catch a tide, so being on time is important.

Interested? See the Grays Harbor Project Description for Volunteers for more information or contact Todd Sandell (206-707-2979).

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