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Weiss Creek Barrier Removal

WFC removes fish passage barrier on Weiss Creek, a tributary to the Snoqualmie River

Weiss 1Weiss Creek is a 3 square-mile watershed that flows under HWY 203 into the Snoqualmie River from the east, just south of Duvall, WA.  The watershed supports coho salmon, resident and sea-run cutthroat trout, freshwater mussels, native sculpin, brook lamprey, and possibly steelhead trout.  Over the past 12 years, Wild Fish Conservancy has completed extensive channel, fish passage, and riparian restoration within Weiss Creek.  Very near the mouth of Weiss Creek, a derelict box culvert, that was no longer used by the landowners, created a partial or full barrier to fish migration; the extent of the passage barrier depended on sediment and debris-loading conditions that change seasonally.  The channel in the vicinity of the barrier was also armored with concrete slab riprap and the riparian corridor was overrun with non-native Himalayan blackberries. With funding from the King Conservation District, WFC recently removed the derelict barrier box culvert, bank armoring, and non-native Himalayan blackberries, and re-vegetated the area with native, riparian vegetation. Moving forward, WFC will monitor the effectiveness of the project.

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