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Ongoing Ecological Process Restoration Projects

Project summaries, reports, and other materials dated before February 2007 may reflect that from 1989 until February 2007, Wild Fish Conservancy operated under the name Washington Trout.

Dosewallips Estuary Restoration Project

(2004 - ) Large scale project to increase and enhance capacity for juvenile and adult salmonids by restoring tidal function, encouraging channel and pool formation, and controlling invasive nonnative plants on the salt marsh at the mouth of the Dosewallips River on Hood Canal in western Washington. Dosewallips Restoration Summary; Dosewallips Restoration Update.


Weiss Creek Restoration Project

(1998 - ) An ongoing effort to recreate natural stream function and improve fish rearing and spawning habitat in lower Weiss Creek, a tributary of the Snoqualmie River in eastern King County, Washington. Weiss Creek Summary.

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