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About Our Priorities

For two decades, scientists and managers alike have identified overharvest, hatcheries, habitat loss, and dams as the four major causes of fishery collapse and barriers to salmon recovery.

Through science, education, and advocacy, Wild Fish Conservancy focuses on priority actions to address each of these core obstacles to recovering wild populations.

Developing & Promoting Responsible Fisheries

We are developing selective fish harvest technologies, reforming how fisheries are conducted, and promoting the fisheries we know can carry us forward into the future.

Protecting and Restoring Habitat

We work with engineers, restoration practitioners, and scientists to restore what habitat has been degraded and with environmental advocates to protect habitat from further harm.

Sunsetting Hatcheries

Hatcheries are harming fish populations. We work to ensure hatchery operations are following the best available science while planning for the transition back to abundant wild fisheries.

Ending Commercial Open Water Fish Farms

Through grassroots advocacy, the legal system, and our scientific research we are putting an end to open water commercial fish farms.

Advancing Environmental Law & Policy

Through the courts Wild Fish Conservancy works with subject matter experts and lawyers to ensure that the latest science is the basis for environmental decision making. We also hold governments, private industry, and others accountable to the environmental protections currently in place.

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