Ending Commercial Open Water Fish Farms

Join the Fight to Protect Puget Sound

For nearly two decades, Wild Fish Conservancy has followed the movements of the commercial net pen industry, researched the impacts open water net pens or fish farms pose to the environment, and advocated to hold Washington's fish farming industry responsible for adhering to our bedrock environmental laws.

Through the Our Sound, Our Salmon campaign, we're now leading a broad-based coalition and environmental movement working together to protect Puget Sound and bring an end this dangerous practice in our public waters.

Celebrating WA's Landmark Law

A diverse coalition of over 10,000 individuals and 100+ businesses and organizations came together in 2018 under the Our Sound, Our Salmon banner to successfully advocate for a landmark bipartisan law banning all nonnative Atlantic salmon net pen farming in Puget Sound.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this historic victory possible and to Governor Inslee and the WA legislature for following the science and taking bold action to protect Puget Sound.

Spreading a Virus Worldwide

A new groundbreaking study from British Columbia proves the fish farming industry is responsible for amplifying and spreading Piscine Reovirus (PRV), a debilitating fish virus, throughout the world.

Originating from salmon farms in the Atlantic Ocean, this exotic virus has been discovered in salmon farms throughout the Pacific Northwest where it's being amplified and spread to wild salmon.