Watch: New Short-Video of the Fish Trap Project in Oregon

We are proud to share North Fork Studio’s new fish trap video featuring commercial fisher Billie Delaney! Watch the video to see Billie as she operates Oregon’s first commercial fish trap in the lower Columbia River in over 73 years.

The video highlights the new passive fishing technique, told from the unique perspective of a young progressive fisher with over a decade of commercial fishing experience. Billie assisted Wild Fish Conservancy with the design of the new passive fish trap which has been carefully engineered to minimize bycatch impacts to wild salmon and steelhead by eliminating fish air exposure, handling, crowding, and net contact during the final capture and release process.

In the new video directed and produced by Shane Anderson, Billie Delaney shares why she thinks this form of selective, alternative gear fishing offers enormous promise for the future of wild fish, coastal fishing communities, and consumers alike.

Stay tuned to the Fish Trap Journal for future posts recapping the 2021 research season and to hear about our exciting plans for 2022.

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