Contracted Services

Wild Fish Conservancy’s talented and technically proficient staff have over thirty years of expertise in northwest fisheries and wild fish ecosystems. Whether you’re a private landowner, business, nonprofit, government agency, or sovereign nation, Wild Fish Conservancy is available to provide many valuable services.


Assistance permitting a broad range of habitat restoration projects. Areas of expertise include:

  • Geomorphic Analysis

  • Hydrologic and Hydrodynamic Modeling

  • Flood Hazard Analysis and Mapping

  • Local, state and federal permits required for projects impacting critical areas

  • Critical areas, water type classification, and wetland delineations

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Environmental Engineering

Our staff are committed to advancing the art and science of process-based stream, river, and nearshore habitat restoration.

We are on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field and are leading the way in developing new design techniques, building on the collective experience of staff and partners to lower costs and improve project performance.

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Fish Passage Prioritization

Inventory, assessment, and prioritization using the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Priority Index methodology 

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Monitoring and Surveying

Water quality monitoring, fish and wildlife habitat surveys, snorkel and electrofishing fish surveys, benthic invertebrate assessments, & riparian condition evaluations

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Stream Typing

Using state-sanctioned methods we identify and classify streams, lakes, and wetlands into types, depending on their physical, biological, and human-use characteristics

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Fish Habitat Restoration

Identifying, prioritizing, designing, permitting, implementing, and monitoring projects that restore natural watershed and nearshore processes, expand fish access to habitat blocked by human-caused barriers, and contribute to the health, integrity, and resiliency of wild fish ecosystems

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Underwater Photography & Videography

High quality in situ media collection specializing in illustrating the beauty and vulnerability of threatened and endangered wild fish populations

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Geographic Information System

Data creation, analysis, representation, and cartography in Autodesk Civil 3D and AutoCAD,  ESRI ArcGIS, and QGIS.

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Fish Exclusion

Fish exclusion and relocation required during in-water restoration or construction projects

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Fish Traps

Design, engineering, permitting, construction, and operation of fish traps or ‘pound nets’ for monitoring or selective harvest

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Policy Review and Analysis

We dive deep to provide critical review and substantive comments on policies, programs, and regulations that impact wild fish ecosystems.  Topics  include:

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