Small Photarium


The smallest of our Photariums, this versatile tool is great for observing, measuring, and photographing juvenile salmon and other small fish under 90 mm in fork length.

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Wild Fish Conservancy Photariums are indispensable tools used by photographers, researchers, and educators around the world to safely observe live fish in the field. Fabricated completely in durable Plexiglas, they are lightweight and corrosion-proof. For storage and travel, the transparent Photarium face is protected by a hinged fold-up cover plate.

Juvenile salmon and other small fish under 90 mm in length

The hinged fold-up cover plate protects the transparent face during storage or travel.

Comes with custom waterproof ruler decal for measuring fish up to 90 millimeters

3 3/4″W x 3 5/8″H x 3/4″D

All of our Photariums are manufactured locally in Washington state. Thank you for helping support small local businesses!




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