From River To Table

Hatchery salmon selectively harvested from the fish trap are making their way across the country to high-end restaurants and markets, steadily building a reputation for sustainability and quality. Trap caught salmon are passively captured in-river, and then bled and iced immediately after harvest. The fish never leave the slush ice from the time they are collected to the few hours it takes them to land on the butcher table at CH Fish Company in Cathlamet, WA. Trap caught salmon experience no bruising, no scale loss, and very little stress before harvest. This gentle process results in a salmon with meat quality second to none.

This past week we had a chance to share some of our harvested hatchery coho and their unique story with James Beard award winning chef and author Renee Erickson, co-owner of Seattle-based company Sea Creatures. Chef’s like Renee understand the importance of sustainability and quality when sourcing seafood for their restaurants. Renee’s exceptional cooking and award winning restaurants are introducing consumers to the story and science behind the fish trap, making the connection from river to table.

It was a pleasure to see trap-caught salmon (so carefully harvested from the Columbia River) cooked with such deference. With the majority of Washington’s salmon runs in decline, it is important that we consider the source of the fish we see on menus. Progressive chefs know this better than most, and their demand for sustainability will help fuel the transition to selective harvest gears like fish traps. We send a big thank you to Chef Renee Erickson and whole crew at Sea Creatures!

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