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Garrison Creek Watershed Restoration – Phases 1 and 2

Garrison Creek Watershed Restoration – Phases 1 and 2

Location:Garrison 6

San Juan Island, WA

Project type:

Assessment, restoration & monitoring



Start Date:

Phase 1 - 7/1/2009
Phase 2 - TBD

Completion Date:

Phase 1 - 12/31/2011
Phase 2 - TBD


Phase 1 - Feasibility Study - Reconstruct historical floodplain conditions; collect and model current elevation, ground water, and hydrologic data; and assess and collaborate with landowner needs.

Wild Fish Conservancy (WFC), through WRIA 2 SRFB RND 07, received funding to conduct watertyping and spawning surveys. Consequently, several restoration opportunities in the Garrison watershed were identified where changes in the hydrologic regime have caused drainage problems, high stream temperatures, and intermittent summer flows. WFC is requesting funding to: (1) develop and evaluate restoration alternatives in Garrison tailored to landowner and parcel needs and (2) encourage farm managers to voluntarily implement ecologically sound solutions which will benefit salmonid habitat by providing restoration options; labor and technical support; and implementation funding. The overall goal of the project is to increase adequate flow (to the extent possible) and improve water quality and habitat for all native fish species in the Garrison watershed

Project objectives are to evaluate the present flow regime; develop watershed restoration alternatives with landowner commitments; and develop a cohesive watershed restoration plan. WFC will present restoration options to project collaborators, including landowners, and seek consensus on selecting appropriate alternatives. Upon final selection, WFC will develop construction designs for Phase II (project implementation). When completed, this project will create spawning and rearing benefits for all life stages of cutthroat, coho, and chum. Juvenile and sub-adult chinook would also benefit from improved water quality in the nearshore.

Phase 2 - (a) Fence livestock and remove invasives, (b) Culvert replacement/retrofit; channel realignment, wood placement; revegetation.

These restoration proejcts (IIa & IIb)will restore connectivity for native fish passage. This restoration project was identified by the Wild Fish Conservancy Round 6 stream typing project. It will involve 14-16 landowners and the entire watershed above the tidal prism. WFC will take the lead with KWIAHT, People for Puget Sound, and Ducks Unlimited as partners. First phase (design, engineering) funding will be sought. The second stage is dependent on community-association approval of the recommended design. This stream has at least two quite distinct cutthroat populations, one sea-run, the other land-locked.

Goals & Objectives:

Phase 1 - The focus of the Phase 1 project is to increase/improve information to help select projects that have a high certianty of success and benefit. The overall goal of the Garrison Creek Restoration Project is to increase adequate flow (to the extent possible) and improve water quality and habitat for all salmonid and native fish species in the Garrison Creek watershed. Project objectives for Phase I are as follows: 1. assess the current floodplain disconnection and hydrologic conditions to develop restoration alternatives aimed at increasing flow. This will include evaluating the feasibility of restoring the historic channel; 2. develop restoration alternatives designed to improve poor riparian and instream habitat conditions and restore stream connectivity; 3. produce conceptual designs for selected restoration alternative which will address the most imperative salmonid limiting factor(s).

Phase 2 - Implement restoration plans as developed in Phase 1.

Primary Habitats Impacted By Project:

Riparian, instream and wetland

Managing Agency/Organization:

Wild Fish Conservancy

Project Contact:

Mary Lou White

Budget or Project Cost:

$150,462 – Phase 1
$390,000 – Phase 2

Funding Source(s):

- Salmon Recovery Funding Board


- People for Puget Sound
- Ducks Unlimited
- San Juan County Community Developments
- Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO)
- Friends of the San Juans, Center for Historical Ecology



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