Grant Creek Large Woody Debris (LWD) Restoration


Grant Creek, like many tributaries in the Stillaguamish watershed, provides critical salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitat that has been impacted by over a century of timber harvesting and subsequent agricultural use. As a result, the lower reaches of Grant Creek contain several habitat limiting factors, including degraded and simplified stream conditions lacking the in-stream complexity and riparian habitat needed to support natural watershed processes and healthy salmon populations.

During this project WFC placed 115 pieces of large wood within a 0.3 mile long reach of Grant Creek between Grant Creek Road and Hillis Rd. The 17 large wood complexes will encourage the development of new scour pools and to improve overall channel complexity. Wood placements will also help to trap and sort sediment, encourage aggradation and localized deposition of spawning-sized gravel, and improve floodplain connectivity.

WFC is now exploring opportunities to partner with downstream landowners to extend the restoration actions there.

Start Date
Grant Creek, Tributary to the North Fork Stillaguamish River, Skagit County
Project Type
Completion Date

Goals & Objectives

  1. Provide increased quality of spawning, rearing, and over-wintering habitat for all salmonids in Grant Creek especially ESA listed Chinook and Steelhead.
  2. Provide increased quantity of rearing habitat for all salmonids in Grant Creek, especially ESA listed Chinook and Steelhead.
  3. Increase riparian cover to ameliorate temperatures in Grant Creek.
  4. Increase ecosystem processes and resilience through enhancing in-stream complexity and floodplain connectivity
Primary Habitats Impacted By Project:
Managing Agency/ Organization:
Wild Fish Conservancy
Project Contact:
Budget or Project Cost:
Jamie Glasgow
Funding Sources:
Salmon State Projects, Recreation and Conservation Office, Washington State Grants
Sound Salmon Solutions