Little Quilcene Assessment


WFC conducted a rapid watershed assessment, analyzed the current status of salmon stocks, and developed a comprehensive suite of restoration actions intended to quickly improve habitat conditions for native wild fish in the Little Quilcene River basin

Start Date
Little Quilcene River Basin, Quilcene, WA
Project Type
Completion Date
Watershed Assessment

Goals & Objectives

• Develop site-specific protection and restoration priorities within a watershed context;
• Develop a hierarchical strategy for protection and restoration of landscape processes that
form and sustain diverse conditions and habitats within the watershed, focusing on
protecting high quality, intact fish habitat, reconnecting isolated high quality fish habitat,
and restoring landscape-scale hydro-geomorphic processes;
• Create a framework to support and expedite priority restoration actions within the
watershed; and
• Proactively identify and recommend means to defuse existing watershed or land-use
“time bombs” that could potentially alter or disrupt aquatic habitat functions in the nearto-distant future.

Primary Habitats Impacted By Project:
Managing Agency/ Organization:
In-stream and Riparian Habitats
Wild Fish Conservancy
Project Contact:
Budget or Project Cost:
Funding Sources:
Fish America Foundation, HCSEG funds, Community Salmon Fund, SRFB, NOAA Coastal Fund