Southern Resident Killer Whale J19 “Sachi” in August 2022 in Puget Sound PhotoS_Wild Orca, Taken under NMFS permit # 26288, smaller
Legal Victory Marks Turning Point for Southern Resident & Chinook Recovery

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Together, We Made History.
Washington ends commercial net pen aquaculture.
New Study Supports Findings of 100% Wild Salmon Survival from Fish Traps
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LISTEN: The Paradox of Salmon Hatcheries
An investigative series by Hakai Magazine digging into the history, science, and consequences of the Northwest's reliance on hatchery production over the last two centuries.
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The Fish Trap: A Fisherman's Perspective


You helped bring policy and science together

Starving Orcas and the Fate of Alaska’s Disappearing King Salmon
Julia O’Malley with the New York Times, scientists, chefs and others are asking about the future of all wild salmon.

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Speak Up to Protect the Public's $14.4 Million Investment in Wild Salmon Conservation
Call on the the WA Fish and Wildlife Commission to fully implement the Columbia River nontribal gill net buyback passed by the Legislature and Governor that will provide one of the most significant gains for wild salmon conservation in decades.
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The Fish Trap Project

Wild Fish Conservancy is leading the way conducting experimental research aimed at finding a more sustainable future for commercial fishing.

Working Together, We Took Back Our Sound

Over the past five years, through the Our Sound, Our Salmon campaign, we've been fighting together tooth and nail in the Courts, the legislature, and through direct appeals to state officials, calling for an end to the dangerous commercial net pen industry that threatens the health of Puget Sound.

Now, thanks to the actions of so many over so many years Washington state has finally taken bold action to prohibit commercial net pen aquaculture in Puget Sound.