Stillwater Flooodplain Restoration


The Stillwater Floodplain Restoration project was a salmon habitat restoration project located in the Stillwater Reach of the Snoqualmie River, western Washington State, on public lands stewarded by WDFW and an adjacent private farm. Natural, habitat-forming aquatic processes in this reach of the Snoqualmie have been impaired by shore armament, a lack of stable large woody debris, and reduced forest cover.

To accomplish the restoration goals, approximately 2,100 lineal feet of bank armorment along the right bank was removed, the bank was re-sloped to the natural shoreline gradient, flood fence poles were installed on the uppermost bench of the river bank area, native trees were planet, and a failing culvert was replaced.

The flood fencing was consolidated into the lowest area along the river bank. This is the area where it is expected to be the most effective for capturing large woody debris (LWD) and creating off channel habitat, result in the fewest disturbances of existing mature vegetation, and will likely result in the best habitat outcomes for the site.

The replacement culvert on the farm road must be buried between 20% and 30% of its height below the channel bottom, to allow sediments to settle out inside it to facilitate fish passage.

Start Date
Stillwater Wildlife Unit of the Snoqualmie Wildlife Area along Snoqualmie River, western Washington State
Project Type
Completion Date
Habitat Restoration

Goals & Objectives

The goal of the Stillwater Floodplain Restoration project was to enhance the geomorphic and biological processes that create and maintain a dynamic mosaic of floodplain habitats in Snoqualmie River Valley Bottom.

The restoration objective of this project was to restore natural sedimentation processes in the reach through the removal of 2,100ft of bank revetment.

Primary Habitats Impacted By Project:
Managing Agency/ Organization:
Riparian stream channel
WildFish Conservancy
Project Contact:
Budget or Project Cost:
Micah Wait
Funding Sources:
Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office Salmon State Projects, Puget Sound Acq. & Restoration, King County CWM grant, King Conservation District grant
Ducks Unlimited, King Conservation District, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife