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Adrian Tuohy

New Research Shows Curtailing Chinook Salmon Ocean Fisheries Will Promote Southern Resident Orca & Wild Chinook Recovery

New research was published in the journal of Communications Earth & Environment sounds a grave warning for endangered Southern Resident killer whales and highlights the urgent conservation measures necessary to stem their pending extinction. While projecting rapid population collapse in roughly 40 years’ time from maintenance of the status-quo, the authors also shine light on the hopeful path forward to recovery.

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Emma Helverson


Over the past few weeks, we’ve made incredible strides and progress on a variety of our science, education, and advocacy initiatives being covered in local and international news. With too frequent doom-inspiring news stories dominating the news, we’re excited to share some good news for wild salmon recovery!

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Fish Trap Journal
Aaron Jorgenson

The Passive Capture Technique

Through the wind, rain and the beautiful early fall days, Wild Fish Conservancy and commercial fishing partner Billie Delaney continue to operate the new experimental

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Wild Fish Conservancy
Conrad Gowell

Detecting ISAv

How is ISAv detected? There are 3 common tests (“assays”) for ISAv: The classic test is cell culture; salmon cells are grown in the laboratory

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WFC Stands Firm Behind PRV Statements

WFC restates concern and findings of an exotic virus found in escaped farmed Atlantic salmon in Puget Sound after WA Fish and Wildlife attempted to mischaracterized and downplay the virus they failed to detect.

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