The Fish Trap Journal

Welcome to The Fish Trap Journal, the official field journal for Wild Fish Conservancy’s Fish Trap Project dedicated to sharing stories, news, and updates on straight from the dock.


With construction nearly complete, we made a necessary trek into town to resupply on hardware, food, and fuel. By chance, we crossed paths with Blair

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A Brisk Awakening

The crew rolled out of bed this morning straight into their wet suits, waking up early to catch an exceptionally low tide. Construction has progressed

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An Osprey Watches Back

With all the hardware in place, the crew watches the sun as it set over the trap. It’s a lot of work assembling our pulleys,

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Balancing Act

The crew climbed to the top of the pilings today to install a new platform for our winch. You can feel the sway of each

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First Day on the Columbia

Today was our first day on the water. Conditions were a bit rough, with high temperatures, thick smoke from the British Columbia forest fires, and

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