The Fish Trap Journal

Welcome to The Fish Trap Journal, the official field journal for Wild Fish Conservancy’s Fish Trap Project dedicated to sharing stories, news, and updates on straight from the dock.

Fishing Around the Clock

Fishing continues, and we have already doubled our total catch from last year with only half of the 2016 run size. We wake up hours

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Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Writing this journal entry with swollen and aching hands, I want to express great thanks to the individuals that are making this incredible journey possible.

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Confronting New Challenges

Constructing and testing Washington’s first salmon trap in over 80 years, there is a lot to learn and many new challenges to confront on a

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From Cathlamet to McNary

The Chinook are in, and the fishing is better than ever. After 13 days of test fishing, we saw our first tagged Chinook cross McNary

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