The Fish Trap Journal

Welcome to The Fish Trap Journal, the official field journal for Wild Fish Conservancy’s Fish Trap Project dedicated to sharing stories, news, and updates on straight from the dock.

A Prestigious Award

It is truly amazing what we have accomplished to date; our crew has successfully built Washington State’s first commercial salmon trap in over 80 years.

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Life on the Trap

It is no easy task tagging and clipping hundreds of fish 14 hours a day, day on end. But on tides when the fish are

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The Science

With each haul of salmon and steelhead, Wild Fish Conservancy’s experienced field staff gathers genetic samples and implants Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tags. These important elements

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The Fish Trap Powerhouse

Today the crew lifted a winch — the trap’s final component —  to the top of the pilings, marking the trap’s completion. This 400-pound piece

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Hang ‘Em High

Climbing to the very top of the pilings, the crew hung the final compartment of the trap, known as the “spiller.” This key piece of

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